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Raaga Kalyan of The Blue Caterpillar

Thursday, December 01, 2011

She leaned forward and pressed her face to her window shield. Cloned tufts of clouds scatterred above - slightly curved ... a psychedelic reflection on the glass. The face curves in unision and it seemed like she was one with the sky. A slight dusk chill blew through the open windows - settling on one arm and slipping into her hair. The heater blowed warm air on her ankles and hands. It was a beautiful combination. A reminder of what life is all about. Thoda chill, thoda garm, and thoda ...... magic. All together. This was nirvana in a way, right there. She glazed her eyes a little bit - pretending the traffic stop was actually a concert hall. Pandit jasraj letting out his raaga kalyan like letting go of bales of silk.... bales of soft cottony silk .....

It just takes a moment to sense life. To float out of that body that pins us down, and spin around like a feathery soul. She imagined herself sometimes a mermaid of the sky. Bending that tail to simply glide over the dusky city. To merge with the purple sunset. To silenty swoop down and settle calmly on the roof of a skyscraper - staring at the dotted sky. Seeing stars. At night. At day. Seeing diamonds twinkle through day-time skies. Put your hand up and part your fingers. Do you see the diamonds glisten through the Vs? Can you imagine if just a couple were studded inside your palm? And only shined when you looked at them?

Palm clenced with the whispers of the hookah. Mushrooms from the blue caterpillar.

Sa. re. ma. dha. ni. sa.. Niii sa. Niii sa...

There's hot sun baking down. Hot and white. It's all white. And a mustard dupatta. and a mustard lehenga. a mustard dupatta billowing around. A red one joins it. Both billowing in unision. Each trying to outdo the other.

Like playfully warring kites. Faster and faster. One tires. the other slows. And then the gust bursts again...and so do they....And milky hot dusky desert heat settles them down..... cool.....baked in the days heat ..... giving in to the nightly coolness .... and the diamonds smile again ......



Mai haa..ari ....

Mai haa....ari .....

Mai ha...aa--aa---rii........


Genevieve Farah said...

Lovely flow. Love the pacing, the spidewoman'esque escapism. I tried, but couldn't quite get all of the non-english parts.
I like how the diamonds made their way back, it takes talent to fit a complete cycle within the span of a moment. Nice.

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