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Dear Mr. Solipsistic

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Mr. Solipsistic

What a wonderfully interesting dilemma you pose to me. If that cute little cartoon hadn't hinted at your intentions, I would have probably found you rather interesting - which you probably are, but with that dash of consciously geeky brashy charm that geeks tend to throw about as an offensive but in reality is just defensive. Hey, don't get me wrong but I love my geeks. Take me out of a geek setting and I start having geek withdrawal pangs. Give me a hygienic, smart-haired geek and I'll pick him anyday over the Nivea-smooth Raoul clad biz dude. Geeks have depth, geeks are solipsistic, and frankly I think a smart geek understands life a lot better through a metaphysical perspective that eludes many the average man.

But then what's my dilemma? My dilemma stems from your assumptions, presumptions, and summations in the very interesting note that landed in my feedback box (a long time ago, but I just happened to see it!).

Saw you at work today, thought never seen her before; she looks interesting. Turns out you're from the Internets as well (endangered species in India).

Social engineering 101 brought me here. You write pretty well for a non-writer non-blogger or whatever :D.

What else, meh. Ohh and people from the Internets are usually friendly hence thy message.


Now the dilemma, to include contact info or not ? Hmm. Let's make it more interesting. Send out a tweet or blog post with the word "solipsistic", if interested.

take care.

So where do I begin? "Saw you at work today". Could you be one of those always loitering around, up to nothing much (or waiting for inspiration to strike), and puffing away to glory? Nothing so wrong with that (except that - not quite my thing). Nothing wrong either in finding me interesting - in fact I'm flattered. Actually what the hell. You know that I know that I'm interesting :P. And for appreciating my writing - I'm truly thankful. So back to here -- my outburst is coloured by the fact that some of the dudes around this building are well-known for their overtures and what not and majority of the dudes in our country (flourishing species) are usually striking up franships with the unknowns with one objective only. Rare species are the mens who wants to be friends truly for the sake of intellectual friendships. You can try arguing with me about that, but this is tried and tested. And I know how this works. You know how this works, and most of the ladies who walk the same turf as I do know it too. And if it's not the case, well then - you just have to bear the cross of the majority.

So let's just get one thing straight. I don't make friends with strange men. You might be the next Steve Jobs, but the fact remains - I don't make friends with strange men. Call me stuck up, call me prudish, call me hypocritical. But for the most part I live in the real world and frankly don't have the patience for such foreign film/orkuty nonsense.

"People from the Internets are usually friendly hence thy message" . Now how do I respond to that? Friendly in which sense? My woman's intuition tells me you are thinking "orkut friendly". And if it weren't for the total package you have presented (including the "if interested" -- err interested in what?... and the creepy fact that you've only seen me in person and found me online!), I wouldn't have thought twice about having some online dialogue because like I said you really do seem interesting and smarter than the average geek. And truly it's always a pleasure to connect with smart people.

Having said that I think I appreciate the outright "Do you want franship" a lot more than the cheeky geeky approach. At least you know the intentions upfront. But it's easy to fall into the geek trap of intelligent observations and philosophical discussions which eventually anyway spiral right down to "frannnship" and then you have to extract yourself from it rather callously or messily.

And by the by people from the internets are also to be living in the real worlds. And so given the fact that your real world and my real world collides --- here's my polite thanks but no thanks.

That comic. That's actually quite funny and I get your point with that, but somehow I am not convinced entirely. And so if you thought your preemption of my predictable reaction or the allusion ---- to the idea that I am a lonely girl pining for attention from cute (or otherwise) guys on trains, busses, malls, loitering building stairs, nice fancy F & B places, or even a serious suit and tie convention --- would charm me witless, please rearrange your perspective.

So it's my sincere plea on behalf of the breed that I represent. You know the breed. Apart from the pavam, the khatti-mitthi innocent, the bitch, the easy, the cool, the hot, the total desi, the total videsi, the party, the arty, the mathsy, the wholesome pakkade mane dove, or the serious intellectual -- there is yet another thriving breed in our country. The fun intellectual who is a little bit of the above all and not all of any of it. You know the breed. And as part of that breed, it is my sincere request to stop misinterpreting us. And that's all, just a request. I am not going to take out a morcha or some mistimed misplaced slut walk to make my point.

And now at the end of my nice little knee-jerk outburst targeted not really at you per se, but the general junta (I have decided conveniently) that you represent, let me say that we are both probably guilty of perceiving each other through our view of the majority. And if you really were just interested in exchanging ideas and if you turn out to be a woman (lol!!) then hey, I'm all eyes and keypad!

And hey Mr. Solipsistic -

- peace :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a true story and if Mr. Solipsistic does exist and is not just a figment of your imagination, I feel really sorry for him.

I can almost imagine his man ego struggling to rationalise your rather incisive post. Of course, the killer blow came right in the very end. Peace there will be for sure, your potential frannship rested in peace.

cmus said...

So, you DID blog post with the word 'solipsistic' after all. Paradox? :)

And, I wonder what his next move will be.

Interesting post though. Hope you'll update what happens in the next few days. :D


sou said...

nange yenu arthe ne aaglilla Rabia :|

but i really liked the comic strip and i did understand there are various shades of unnecessary, assumed and existing layers between a simple conversation starter between a man and a woman.

Rabia Fathima said...

Gobind! --- I'm sure his man ego will do fine ...because it's nothing personal and he was probably expecting just the exact reaction I gave. And really in all honesty it's a knee jerk response that makes good blogging :D.

Nikhil --- I did, I did indeed :D. I don't think there will be a next move. I am sure he would have set up some alert for the keyword which he likely has disabled long back!

Souuuuuu --- he he, there layers all right :D

Anonymous said...

hey dude,

i almost forgot about this, so glad i checked back (no alert, alas); and i was right you are interesting (and so judgemental).

creepy, come to think of it, maybe. but maybe also adventurous? i'm not sure what you mean by 'fraanship' 'intensions', if you mean oh god i hope she'll let me stick it in, then hell no.

but anyway. oh and the comic was more of a hint at where i expected your response to go, which is more or less how i see it happening.

@anon ego ? naah dude life's too short for that.

peace to you too :)


Rabia Fathima said...

I seem to be latest of all lateefs in responding to the comments, and now it's been way too long!

Judgemental -- come on..who isn't judgemental? we all are in our own way :)

Adventure--? nah not for me. Been there, done that. Dont find it exciting! ... But I am sure I'm the odd one here ... there are many others who most certainly will.

So anyhow. that's all I really have to say I guess :). And hey, thanks for giving me something to write about!


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