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A triangle of light, a bandage dress, and a pair of unusual legs

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A long time ago I read an interview given by one of the kapoor's who recalled that Rishi kapoor was so fat as a kid that "his thighs used to rub together". I found that very odd. No not the fact that his thighs rubbed together, but the fact that it was considered "fat".

I'll tell you why. For the bulk of the stereotypical Indian women, that's a fact. No matter how thin you are, if you are heavier on the bottom compared to your upper body, your-thighs-will-rub-together. There shall be no space between them. It is but natural. You can't get that voluptuous curve of the hip without your thighs curving both ways. Do you ever see a chicken leg curved on one side and straight on the other? It's usually perfectly rounded isn't it? So the same principle applies (there are always exceptions) in the case of curvy Indian women. For those having trouble picturing this. Think Kajol. Think Madhuri Dixit. Think Tabu. Remember Ruk Ruk Ruk? How Tabu's jiggly thighs shook over Karnataka's state assembly house?

Nevertheless, after I read that I have been quite fascinated with the body types with "space" between legs. In those days jeans weren't so skinny and tight, and there weren't many opportunities for observation, but now a decade later when skinny jeans are the norm, subjects for study are endless. 6/10 women seem to have it tightly stacked, but some Indian women are naturally endowed with that perfect long rectangle that lets air, light, and whatever else pass through. The insanely skinny pre-marital Gujju girls, all the North-eastern in general, except the Assamese - they have curvy hips - , village belles of uttar Karnataka, and xyzs scaterred all about. But of course no Indian woman can beat the Russian girl. The Russian rectangle is so wide, you could clamp a couple of wickets there. Not just Russians, but also Ethopians, Swedes, Dutch ....etc etc. Possessors of that perfect rectangle that begins at the top of the legs and ends at the ground.

Well, I have seen one wicket rectangles. I have seen two wicket rectangles. But I had never seen a TRIANGLE until a few weeks ago. Arey, no not that. This was a triangle below.

Unusually, this girl’s thighs started their curve much lower than most and the result was a big triangle shaped cavity right ...well I think you get the picture. There are some bodies where there is a triangle and a thin rectangle that continues post curvy obstacle. But this one, the rest of her was literally air tight below that big perfect triangle. And get this - this triangle was emitting light!!

I'll tell you how.

I spotted this girl at the Sky lounge. A friend and I decided to kill some time there before heading for dinner. As the evening progressed it got more and more crowded and of course being a rooftop, it got darker and darker, but the entrance was well lit. Right behind our table we noticed a bunch had walked in.triangle They were hanging around in the hopes of a table. One of the girls in the bunch was wearing an electric blue mostly-lycra bandage dress. Poor thing was clearly uncomfortable - she didn't know what to do with her arms, didn't know what to do with her legs. And she was attracting a lot of attention. Because her dress was so sheer, the floor was so dark, and the back-light was so strong - IT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH HER LEGS .. errr rather THE TRIANGLE between her legs. So if you simply looked at her, you would just see her silhouette, and a triangle of light emitting from you-know-where! And it was INSANE!! That beam of light moved as she shifted position – almost like a searchlight on the move .. scanning faces in the room! And some of them clearly wanted to reciprocate! I had half an urge to go up to that poor thing and tell her that since she didn't know what to do with her arms, she might as well fold them in front of her demurely.

But I didn't because I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Ok Ok, I was actually fascinated. I couldn't take my eyes off. And nor could many others! I had to be almost dragged out of there to make it to that dinner reservation. I regretted having left. Ah that electric blue dress and that triangle of light! I needed to examine it from some more angles. But alas the light seems to shine triangularly only once in a 'blue' moon.

My space classifications have expanded since. No wicket. One wicket. Two wickets.

Onion samosa.

Which one are you?


cmus said...

Fascinating. No, not just the post. The first thing that comes to your head when you see a triangle is a samosa. Fascinating.

Mann Sahib said...

Hehehehehehehehe, the blog is just getting better. Great write up. And in case I get slapped around looking for them samosas, I know who to blame :D

Rabia Fathima said...

:D ... yes, I don't think I can eat onion samosas myself now without conjouring this image in my head :P


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