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The Joy of Being Stupid - A.K.A Jaanu Superman

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Stupid people are happier.

Don't care if nothing has proven it, but I am saying it. And you know it to be true  --- that is if you are the smart ones.

silly Stupid people are happier. Mostly because they are just too stupid to process anything beyond its face value. It's a great coping strategy I tell you.

But unfortunately the crack people brains are trained to peel away every layer and throw all sorts of lights upon every single item. Black light to show the true avatars, microscope light to enlarge the organism, ugly yellow light to highlight all the open pores and scars, and sometimes just beautiful shimmer lights to actual glorify something that is not actually glorious. And even if the lights don't throw up anything, smart ones will insist "there's something else to it, I tell ya".

That's the defense mechanism of smart people. Pretense. Worse yet, we doubt happiness - waiting for something to go wrong. We truly can't take anything at face value, chanting "there's something else to it, I tell ya".

So we know the stupid ones, we know the crack smart ones. But there are the super smart ones --- the ones who are actually smart but act stupid.
Many of my gender choose to do it. Jaaanu .... I can't figure out how to open this jar. Jaanu superman sweeps in. Don't worry baby - mai hoon na.

Jaanu, my tummy hurts too much.That time of the month na. Jaanu slips the puffy stool under her feet. You take rest baby. You are special cos you are the only one in this world who has to go through this every month.

Jaaaanu ... can you drive ...cos you know I am a woman and I am too stupid to know how to drive in this annoying traffic. And you know my heels may not know the difference between the brakes and the accelerator.
Jaanu's chest swells like the hulk. Of course baby, you stay stupid, let my intelligence do all the pedalling.

Ok ok, I think you got the point. No I am not jealous. I just want to give such people ONE TIGHT SLAP. And I think if ever a guy went cooing over me like a cuckoo, I'd give him one tight slap too. Man up pinky!

And wisen up. It's such a cliche - how men can't see through a woman's pretence like other women can. Such men are stupid I tell ya, letting themselves be played by the smartest of all.

Ok, ok, cliched rants aside, there are other joys I think - to being stupid. For one - you can't process insults. You don't understand it when someone is sniggering at you. Sarcasm goes whooosh over your head and when someone is patronizing to you - you take it at face value and just beam from ear to ear. I mean, think about it – in your head you life is filled with compliments and everyone is a friend! And sleep? Probably never need to count sheep or if you ever do, you’d fall asleep from the resulting mental exhaustion. Me? When I try to count sheep, I stay up all night trying to find the missing one!!

There's something else to it, I tell ya.

And have you noticed, stupid people have no problem saying 'No'? I mean it's not like they have mastered the art of saying No through major willpower and a firm jaw. They just say it. So smoothly, so easily. "No, I don't want to come with you. You are boring.". Wish I could say that and get away with it without being labeled. See if I were stupid, it would just generate a laugh from the rest and people would fondly pat my head and set me on my way. Or someone would just pinch my chin and jiggle it with a "Oh, you are so precious."

And then I'd probably just go store myself in a velvet box and lock myself up in the almirah. Then when I am done beaming ear to ear, I’d press my speed dial button #1 - “Jaanu…..”